Monday, April 8, 2013

Daybook Entry

(This entry is inspired by The Simple Woman's Daybook)

Outside my window...Wind...strong winds...making me think we will get a lot of complaints from our clients this week! (we own a pool cleaning business)

I am thinking...I need to finally get through my inbox once and for all!

I am thankful...for the community around me that has been such a support since I broke my leg. Also for my husband who has had to be daddy and mommy this past month.

In the kitchen...a meal plan set for almost the whole month! I should put Bryan in charge of this all the time!

I am walking cast and comfortable clothes...same thing I have worn for the past 6 weeks!

I am creating...nothing right now...itching to get some sewing done again once i get this boot off...nothing like a forced break to make you want to get back at it!

I am going...insane being in the house all the time! 

I am much longer...

I am reading...Just finished reading book 5 of Game of Thrones. Starting a new book this week!

I am hoping...for no injuries this month :)

I am looking forward to...a girls night tonight!

I am accept my limitations

Around the house...lots of messes...

I am pondering...plans for a big garage sale!

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