Friday, December 7, 2012

Cool Kid Places - Wickerd Farms!

Wickerd Farms
my little Indians

The amazing oak tree and one of the swings

The Monterey Pines that you can cut down

Faster Mama!

Our tree!
All put up

Last year our family went to the place where our family got our own Christmas tree every year - Richfield Pines - they are a cut your own tree down place right down the street from where I grew Yorba Linda. It was so fun to go with the boys and pick our tree and watch daddy cut it down...brought back all kinds of memories...then we stuck the tree in the car with us so we wouldnt have to worry about it on the drive home (don't ever do that by the way) bryson was NOT happy about sharing a car with a big old tree on his lap. don't worry...we put it on the roof this year.

I wanted to find another cut down place, but with different options than Monterey Pines...i like firs...but they don't grow in a So Cal climate. We found Wickerd Farms - near my brother's house (i think the place is in Menifee?)

The place is a homestead...which i think means a bunch of hippies bought the land...then raised bees...and decided to also sell Christmas trees. The pull there for my brother is that they also sell (pre-cut) Douglas and Grand Firs (the grand firs were gorgeous too!) plus they grow all kinds of Monterey Pines. The pines are bushier, but they take care of them well with the trimming.

The coolest part of the property was definitely the oak trees with the tire swings. One oak tree was this enclosed amazing tree with all kinds of swings hanging from the branches. we all just hung out in there for about a half an hour admiring the awesome-ness of the tree. I was really happy with the whole experience - the boys got to run through the pine orchard for about an hour just giggling the whole time - plus explore the teepee frame and tire swings and we got an amazing tree...perhaps the prettiest tree we have ever had. I love little mom and pop shops like this and love to support businesses like this - i feel like now in the season is a great way to think about how we spend our money and who we are supporting with that money. I can't always buy local and small business, but when I do when I can. It helps.

It was a bit of drive to get out there, but we loved it and will definitely be going back - they tied up our tree nice and tight and we made it all the way home! I highly recommend the place if you are in the area.
Happy Holidays!

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