Monday, November 5, 2012

Custom Cheetah Zoodie

Halloween is over! Bring on the rest of the holidays! I was just at Target and Christmas was happening already. It surprises me every year...i feel like an old fart every time too - "Christmas in October? Pshhhhhh" Anyway...I finished up most of the holiday orders, so i have a little time on my hands!

A looong time ago I had found some remnant cheetah fabric and thought it would be a cute idea for a zoodie - so i went home and whipped it up, but then i mussed up one of the ears a little and couldn't fix it - so it sat for years! now it has a perfect little home with my beautiful niece :) makes me so happy to have a little girl to sew for! Someone today asked me about making a custom cheetah and so my sister sent me these pics. i have been staring at them for like 10 minutes - she is just too precious!!! I am a little obsessed, but Riley really came into my life at a perfect time - that "i no longer have any babies and i need one to snuggle" type of times.

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