Friday, October 19, 2012

New Zoodie - Purple/Hot Pink Dino

Yay! isnt she a doll? this is a friend's daughter who is totally more into dinos than butterflies or unicorns, so i thought it would be fitting for her to model. There are these girls - i like these girls...i was sort of one...i was the type of girl who could totally keep up with the boys, but also loved dressing up...i guess not much has changed, has it :) So i have been getting more requests for girl dinos and now American Apparel is offering this wonderful purple color, so there you go. 

one of the changes i made when switching to my new store - - is that I took out "girls" and "boys" and changed it to "popular girl styles" and "popular boy styles" - i know it doesnt seem like a huge change, but it made me feel instantly better. I made ladybugs for little boys and pink mice for boys and dinos for girls - i think it is so silly that we make animals gender-fied. bryson LOVED the butterfly when i made it...he knew that if he wore it out it might be weird (which is sad), but he lived in it in our backyard for a week! Anyway - that is my little society/gender dilemma within zoodies. I am just all about pretend play and make believe and dressing up and you know what? childhood is such a short span - why not be a butterfly every day if you can? boy or girl...

I just put this little dino up in the shop - i currently only have size 2 and 18 months available, but email me if you are interested in a different size - carlee (at) zoodies (dot) com

Yay for gender neutral animals!

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