Thursday, September 13, 2012

Instagram Garden

We thoroughly enjoyed our little garden this summer. I didnt take many pics with our good camera, but managed to snap a few thanks to Instagram! we munched on cucumbers (and made pickles) strawberries, lemons, grapes, one apple, corn, lots and lots of tomatoes, beans - we grew the prettiest burgundy beans, sweet peas, onions, all kinds of herbs and basil and chilis that came in handy in most dinners - we are looking forward to the last of the tomatoes and then preparing for a very leafy fall/winter garden. Yay to going out to the garden for salad mixings! but Boo for the 90 degree heat we are experiencing. once it cools down we plan on going for it!

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Kara Noel said...

I need to find you on IG. It's the social media i keep for friends.