Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Riley's Apple Farm

Spartans all ready for us!

brothers...they melt my heart when they are in love

he is mad-dogging the bees eating the rotten apples, but i think this picture is hilarious! 

making cider - the most yummy stuff on earth!


we made the trek out to Oak Glen last Sunday to visit Riley's Apple Farm...i remembered my post from last year (goodness how bodie has changed!) and remembered to go one stop past Riley's Farm to Riley's Apple Farm (same family, different farms). it was a lot easier to pick apples at this farm. there were only 2 types of apples ripe - Spartan and Rome - there was only one Rome tree ripe for picking and you know we picked it good! the romes are better for cooking and i made some applesauce the next day and oh man! so good! there are few things better than eating hot homemade applesauce - delish!

we went on a Sunday and it was not crowded at all! i was so surprised...maybe because it was early in the season? whatever the reason, it was next to a perfect day - it would have been completely perfect if it was not 82 degrees - can't i please find fall somewhere? my heart is seriously aching right now for cooler temps and jeans and pumpkin spices and not to mention my beer that needs to be in the 70s - so quit messing around with us summer...we are through. its over. move on. no seriously - please dont even call me. harumph.

a little outing like this was a teensy bit easier than last year and it has me with high hopes that someday...someday...one day...we will be able to travel with our boys and actually enjoy it. i mean, we enjoy it now of course...but one day it will be even easier and we will be out of the "twos" and that will be both sad and lovely all at the same time.

oh...so back to the apple farm - we picked some apples, ate some apples, shot some bows and arrows...apparently i really impressed the guy working there because i was making the target....i took archery in college...and got a C because i wasnt that good and the test was the actual target and making it! how lame...couldnt we have just written a paper about the target...that is why i never did PE. okay, anyway again...we made some cider and met the chickens and the pig and her baby cute piglets...i want a pig so bad...bryan does not share this sentiment.

its a fun little family tradition and it will be fun to watch the kids remember it each year. its a trek, but well worth it!

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