Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Apply Party Thyme

oh man...such a fun party! this little booger has gone and growned up and turned one! he is so on his way out the door already - he pushes off of me when i hold him...the nerve...can someone please tell him how the youngest child is supposed to act? how they are supposed to be babies for as long as possible? that they should be the cuddliest? that they should maybe like their mamas a bit? i kid...i know he loves me - he even gives me these great open mouth toothy kisses...but he is already so independent. already so capable and strong and ACTIVE!

so...this party...this little apple party. i made his whole outfit...you can't really tell from this picture and apparently no one took pictures of him before he got apple crisp all over himself (i didnt bake him a cake...it seemed like a little much at the time so he got apples all over his face instead of frosting...kinda anti-climactic). i think i need to take a picture of him in the whole ensemble for his one year old picture...he looked so cute! his little apple crown...that he takes off the second you put it on his head...adorable!

let me just talk about the food for a minute...holy stuff...the food was awesome! my husband bbq-ed a pork butt (which is actually the shoulder...dont know why we call it the butt) for 14 hours in the big green egg with apple wood. he used a maple rub that was amazing and it was by far the best bbq pork so far! awe-some...it made me fall in love with him all over again...my mom made an apple-thyme cole slaw and we had sliders on king's hawaiian sweet rolls - they were delicious-ness. friends and family also brought amazing stuff - apple chips and apple bread and apple bacon cheese appetizers and fruit kabobs and gumbo and spinach salad. all of it was so good. we ate the pork all weekend in various ways (my mom is like houdini with leftovers) and finally finished the last of it yesterday.

we had caramel apples for the kids - i made waaaay too much caramel, so my mom laid it all out on a cookie sheets, salted and chocolated it and we wrapped up little balls of it in parchment paper and made our own caramel candies - yummers! now i need to give them all away so i dont eat a pound of caramel!

i think bobby enjoyed himself and i hope he looks back on pictures and realizes how loved he is and how blessed we are to be his parents - sweet sweet boy!

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