Friday, February 12, 2010

the squid and the whale

those are my boys...i still need to make Bryson's squid shirt...we got sidetracked by making a robot shirt that i will have to show you later...why? because there are about 12 different substances on it right now - including dirt, syrup, ice cream, snot all sorts of wonderful things!

I didnt use my typical pants pattern and wanted something with a bigger bum for his cloth diapers, so i used Heater Ross' Huck Finn Pants Pattern, also from her book Weekend Sewing. I was attracted to it because there is a hidden button in the waist that you can adjust...but i think it is a tad unnecessary...personally...

also, i had this leftover mattress ticking from an old pirate costume i made for Bryson and it happens to fray nicely, so instead of hemming the bottom i just zig-zagged stitched and cuffed the pant - i think it is also a good idea for getting an extra size out of it! which is nice for my 13 month old who happens to be wearing 2T! geesh!

apologies for the worst pictures ever - Bodie is the worst model right now! he would much rather be in the street...

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