Monday, February 15, 2010

no training wheels!

i meant to post a little video from 3 weeks ago of Bryson taking his first training-wheel-less ride, but our silly camera downloading issues are still present. But here is a picture of Bryson from yesterday after a very long bike ride with Meema and Daddy and his cousins around Irvine Park.  
This is all because of the Like-A-Bike ( well Like A Bike Knock Off more like) Bryan got him for Christmas. it only took 1 month of riding it for him to get the balance down. Bryan took off the training wheels and put Bryson on and VOILA! no awkward push down the street or anything...just like he had always been riding like that...pretty amazing! Bryan wanted to get him the like a bike for his 3rd birthday...but i think 3 is too young for no training wheels, don't you? 

PS - that question was not meant for any DADs to answer! 


Paige said...

Some friends of ours gave their son a Skuut ( at 2 1/2, and he did great. Actually, he outgrew it pretty fast. I don't know what I will do- hopefully a friend of Hanks will have one that he can play with, so I can just observe and see when he is ready!

CarleeKajsa said...

yeah - same thing! only more expensive i think...i am still a little peeved about spending $70 on something he only used for a month! so Hank can use it...hey...maybe i can rent it out and make our money back :)