Sunday, April 6, 2008

Psycho Disney Ride

on a weekend trip out to stateline with my brother, sister-in-law and dh to pick up a quarter midget race car for my nephew we had some luck gambling and decided to do something with our winnings that would actually we bought season tix to dland. we took bryson for his 2nd birthday and he of course loved it and i hadnt had a pass for 11 years so i was thrilled at the thought of only going a couple hours at a time and also i love it.

jon and paige (friends from college) also have season passes and we went a couple weeks ago. i was standing in line for star tours and was remembering the ride that used to stand in its place. i thought it was called eye of the needle for some reason...i think mainly because i remember you shrink or are really small. nobody in my group knew what the stink i was talking about and i started remembering all these things about this ride - mainly images and mainly a big scary eyeball looking at you.

i kept trying to think about the ride and what it was about and then i remembered that now we have this amazing invention called the internet and i started looking up extinct disney rides and found it! it was called adventure through inner space. i found a description of the ride on

Step into an Atomobile and be prepared to be “miniaturized!”

While waiting in line, you see other guests enter one end of the Mighty Microscope, appear near the opposite end only a few inches tall, and finally disappear entirely. Now it’s your turn.

Your Atomobile—similar to a Haunted Mansion “Doom Buggy”—takes you on a journey into the world of molecules and atoms.

  • After passing through the Mighty Microscope, you’re shot into giant snowflakes.
  • You continue to shrink, allowing you to enter the crystalline structure.
  • You find yourself in a sea of enormous H2O molecules.
  • Electrons are now spinning around you!
  • You’ve penetrated the wall of an oxygen atom.
  • Finally, you face directly into the glowing nucleus of the atom.
  • As the snowflake melts, you finally begin get larger again. You’re back on visual.
  • Eyeball photoLook up! You’re being watched through a microscope.

Your journey ends in the Monsanto display area, featuring the bouncy theme song “Miracles from Molecules” by Robert and Richard Sherman—the team responsible for the music for It’s a Small World. became extinct in 1986. without giving away my age, i was 7 or 8 at the time of extinction. no wonder it scared the piss out of me! anyway - i must admit that star tours is a much better ride, but part of me wishes they could have kept this one and gotten rid of the tiki room or something instead.

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