Sunday, April 6, 2008

alabama chili

our dear friends jena and joel from portland were down for a visit not too long ago and inspired me to do all sorts of things. aside from this blog and reading twelfth night, i was also inspired to cook chili. my parents always hosted hoe-downs in our backyard with chili cook-offs, so i guess you can say that chili is somewhat of a nostalgic thing for me. they recommended the book, chili nation, which has a chili recipe from each of the 50 states. i started with alabama because it was the first one in the book and seemed simple. i thought it would be good to blog about since i can look back and remember which ones turned out good and which ones i didnt care for, etc.

the alabama chili is a pretty straightforward one - it has garlic, onion, ground beef, tomatoes, green chilis, pinto beans, and also rolled oats - which you cant taste or see but gave it a nice texture i think. the spices were cumin, salt, pepper, chili powder and crushed red pepper flakes, but i also added a little cayenne because we like it a little spicier.

it turned out really nice - the chili was somewhat thick and we happened to be at farmers market today and there was some fresh jalapeƱo corn bread that went excellent with it. i have a ton of leftovers too in case you want to try it.

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