Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Google Alerts

Have you heard of Google Alerts? you can sign up a phrase that you want to see if there is any news surrounding it. i heard about it and signed up to see if Zoodies ever gets press. Well...i never have seen any content on my Zoodies, but i do know now when any member of any zoo DIES! so sad...but at the same time a little funny...but this little gem i had to share...because this so "popular" and "famous" komodo dragon died...but why couldnt they give the poor guy a name?

Popular Resident Of Pittsburgh Zoo Dies
A famous resident of the Pittsburgh Zoo & PPG Aquarium has died. Handlers for the Komodo Dragon named "no name" noticed he was sick and had stopped eating.

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Amber Goodenough said...

OMG that is awesome. I have an alert set up for "the onramp" since that is my new business. I get alerts daily about the police finding bodies near an onramp. It's horrible. Be glad for the zoo news! haha.