Thursday, February 2, 2012

I Love It! Tooth Edition

my 6 year old still has all his teeth...but at his last dentist appointment the Dr. showed me a little big guy tooth trying to come up...ahhhh...something so sweet and sad about losing your first tooth...shedding the child in a physical way...or something...i tend to over-dramatize things a bit...but in the spirit of losing teeth i thought i would share some of my favorite tooth fairy/tooth ideas!

1. This Tooth Fairy Door (Image by Sharnel Dollar for My Life My Loves)

2. Monster Tooth Pillow (photo and link - The Long Thread) 

3. Using Gold Dollars as the Tooth Present!

4. Of Course I Make my Kids watch my Uncle do Timmy the Tooth!

5. DIY Kids Toothpaste! (photo and link via crooked moon mama)

6. A mama told me she leaves "Fairy Footprints" by mixing glitter and baby powder and using her finger makes a line to the bed and all over the money - cute idea!

7. Cute Book!

8. A special thank you from the Tooth Fairy for when they lose their first tooth! 
(photo and link to etsy store luxely)

9. Did you know the tooth fairy has a website?

10. Wondering what to do with your kids baby teeth? Why not turn them into a necklace?  (link and photo via etsy - rockmyworldinc)

ummm....not quite sure with mom kept ours in a band-aid container (back when they were tin) and i remember finding them once and being disgusted...but what are you supposed to do with them??

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