Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Christmas Re-Cap - Handmade Goodies

i was absolutely horrible at picture taking this Christmas. in fact...not a single picture was taken on Christmas morning. i left my camera the night before at my Aunt's house and my little camera was out of battery and it just has become so difficult anyway to try to take pictures and manage chaos at the same time...so i let it go and enjoyed the moment and i am so glad that i did...but also a little sad i dont have the pictures now...i think we will be okay though...i think we can work through this.

i did manage to take some pictures of the Christmas jammies i made my boys. this was a total last minute decision in a rare burst of creative motivation...which doesn't come along too often...so i went with it.

i have had this Star Wars sheet i found thrifting for a while now...a couple of years at least. i have been total hoarder-crazy-lady about it because you NEVER find star wars sheets thrifting...i have been looking since high school....i was sorta way too into Star Wars then...but it pays off when you have three boys who love it too...at least bryson does...bodie still has yet to discover how awesome it is...but i have confidence that he will come to love it also...i will play jedi mind tricks on them...you will like this movie...you will wear these pajamas and think they are awesome...like that...

so anyway - i was looking at this sheet and just thinking that if i dont let it go, they will be all grown up and think Star Wars might not be as cool...so i thought if i cut it up right i would be able to squeeze out three pairs of pants.

i was happy that it all worked out...one of bobby's legs is upside down because i was running low on fabric...plus they were all made in one night so they are not of the finest quality made pants around. i used their existing pants as patterns to keep it simple and they do their job...boys are not so very hard since they lack curves, so they came together pretty easily. i made bodie's a bit long so that he could enjoy them a little longer. i wont say this will be a tradition, but it was fun to see them all matching...i dont ever do that to them...but its fun...its almost like - look! i have a set now! ha!

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