Saturday, July 19, 2008

anniversary fishing

this is late...but bryan and i celebrated 7 years on the 6th and used a sport fishing certificate. i had never been before and had wanted to, so i was very excited to spend the day with my favorite fishing buddy and enjoy a beautiful boat ride off of newport harbor. the experience was lovely. i am well aware that pretty soon before we know it our lives will become tumultuous once again, so it was lovely to have the day alone staring at the ocean in a contemplative state. it was almost too quiet - too much outside our norm. from the time bryson wakes up to the time he actually stops fighting sleep, he is a constant stream of words and noise. we adore the booger, but quiet is not a part of our lives. anyway, we first fished for barracuda, and i was quite happy not to catch any...they seem rather ugly and i hear they dont taste well to boot. after the barracuda we ended up fishing for bass - i caught a rockfish and bryan caught two striped sea bass. he then cooked me a fabulous anniversary dinner and we dined on shrimp and sea bass freshly caught and he also cooked up a sculpin that someone on the boat gave to him - which was also delicious! i am very fortunate to have such an amazing husband, who consequently is amazing looking and also an amazing cook to boot!

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